We are preparing for our 2017-2018 season!  

Several exciting possibilities await us this spring! The rehearsal start date is Tuesday 16 January 2018.  

Watch this space for updates!



In our last concert performance: we shared a joint concert with the William Baker Festival Singers on Friday November 10th, 2017, at 7:30 pm a  Queen of the Holy Rosary, 7023 West 71st Street, Overland Park, KS 66204.

The program will include two luscious works - a world premiere and a local premiere - by Songflower, some landmark works presented by the Festival Singers, and then both choirs will join under Mr. Wilcken for some good old Handel.

Rehearsals will begin 8/22/2017.  For more, contact info@songflower.org.

Previous season information is below.  Please note that a fair amount of site updating is still underway, and not all the out-of-date information on this site has been cleaned out.  It's not because we don't love you!



Some Recordings




A few recordings from recent Songflower performances:

20 November 2016:



29 April 2018: